Jeremy Nowicki

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I always seem to have several irons in the fire at once when it comes to writing, and scrap material for dozens more projects on the pile of ideas residing in the back of the workshop, figuratively speaking of course.  Below are just a few of the current projects I'm actively working on.

Death of a Bishop (novel, mystery thriller, working title, co-authored with Sue Nowicki)

When an Anglican Bishop winds up dead just hours after granting an interview to a Cheri, a newspaper reporter in Sacramento, California, she is drawn into a world fraught with intrigue and danger - the world of human trafficking.  One clue leads her to another, and the assassin who killed the bishop in downtown Sacramento tries to wrap up her loose ends.  Cheri's brother holds the keys to unravel the mystery, and the skills to save her from the assassin, but he disappeared years before.  Will Cheri find out the mortal secret of the Bishop in time, or will she just be another casualty in the police blotter?

Blood Knight trilogy (novels, fantasy, working title)

Glennon is a regular boy in a regular world (with just a touch of magic).  But when his fiancee betrays him and her father tries to kill him, Glennon must leave everything he's ever known, everything he's ever wanted, behind.  He becomes embroiled in the war between the Kingdom and the invading mountain tribes of barbarians.  When he makes a miscalculation that kills his company of men, Glennon is on the run once more, now with the entire might of the Kingpriest at his heels.  A chance meeting leads to the unthinkable - he's a Blood Knight, one of the most ancient lines of warriors and magicians in history.  But will his power be enough to save the Kingdom AND the barbarians from an even greater enemy, one who thinks she is powerful enough to kill God?

The True Adventures of Captain Mabb (novel, historical fiction)

Isabo Mabb is a 10 year old orphan in 13th century Europe, sailing with a group of soldiers for the Holy Land when their ship is attacked.  He is taken by pirates and sold as a slave.  After several years of being forced to work and kill for the worst pirate in the Mediterranean, a chance storm allows him to escape from captivity.  All alone in a strange land, surrounded by people who will kill him just for being Christian, Isabo must try to make his way back home.  Along the way he discovers that not all the creatures he previously disregarded as myth and legend of a superstitious people are as imagined as he might like.  But when he discovers the truth of what happened to his family, he returns to his homeland with something that can right all the wrongs, something his enemies would pay any price of lives for.  Especially the life of the man who escaped them initially and could rule forever.

The Similarities Between Obama and Lincoln (article, working title)

President Obama claimed during his bid for election in 2008 that Abraham Lincoln was a man he desired to emulate.  Since 2008, Obama has compared himself multiple times to one of the most famous presidents of the United States.  This article seeks to answer once and for all the question: How are Obama and Lincoln similar?