Jeremy Nowicki

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Tutoring, Editing, and Writing Services


Not everyone is a gifted writer, and even those who are sometimes need just a little extra help.  My rates are reasonable, usually far below those of national companies and full-time professionals, and I offer quick turn-around and a wide-range of services.


I've taught writing classes from grade levels 4 to 8, and some college level classes.  I have over a decade of tutoring experience for most scholastic subjects ranging from third grade reading to college level business administration.  I can help you prep for a test, bring your grade up in class, write a paper, or understand a subject you're having difficulty with.  My services are primarily in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the local suburbs, although I am willing to travel on a case-by-case basis.  I offer one-on-one tutoring in your home, or wherever you feel most comfortable meeting.


When you work on something it's easy to get too attached to the words, or be so focused on the message you think you're sending that you're oblivious to the one that is perceived.  Using the wrong word in business can cost you real dollars.  Having a rambling thesis can cost you a grade, and perhaps even your graduation.  Whether it's a college term paper or a book proposal, a full manuscript or a business plan, I can help you clean it up.  Whether you want to sound professional, or personable, I have the skills to get it done.

E-Book/Amazon Publishing


Transforming a finished manuscript from a word processing document to a polished, formatted electronic book ready for publishing on or your own website takes a lot of time and work.  I can take your novel, story, poems, or art, and compile it in the appropriate manner and either turn it into a complete and polished PDF ready for you to submit or sell as an e-book, or submit it with the cover and other images and manuscript to Amazon for Kindle Direct Publishing.


I'm a writer.  It's kind of my thing.  But I've used my writing skills for marketing, politics,  education, and journalism.  I've written training courses on investigation and report writing, designed classes for writing fiction, non-fiction and publishing, created product catalogs, and even produced online advertisements.  I've formulated resumes, generated letters, and sired website content.  If you need something done, I have plenty of creative writing solutions that can suit your needs.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and how I might solve them.  Either go to the Contact page, or e-mail me directly at: