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For new writers, aspiring authors, those who are wondering what the writer's life is like, or to discuss some of the emerging technologies and opportunities for writers, I recommend my blog, NewbieWriter.  It's chock full of my mistakes as a beginning writer, what I've learned from them, and the multitude of options available for those who come after me.

Some of my favorite authors:


A few of the writing resources available online:

  • L. Ron Hubbard's Writer's of the Future - One of the last great (free!) fiction and art contests left.  I started reading their books and dreaming of seeing my own name in there back in the early 90's.  Mostly sci-fi.

  • Where The Map Ends - Home of Marcher Lord Press, THE name in Christian speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, etc).  Although it's a Christian publishing house, it has some great forums and advice that any fiction writer can learn from and use.

  • Writer's Digest - When I first got a letter in the mail from them years ago and thousands of miles away, I thought they were a scam.  Instead they've grown to be a force in the literary world.  They offer a free e-mail newsletter and news from across the industry, as well as articles on writing, resources, etc.  Their print magazine is also excellent, and worth the price (now available in a digital version for those who are "green" minded, or cheapskates like me who love the discount subscription).

  • Funds for Writers - There's a reason writer's are known as "starving artists," but with this site you might be a little less hungry.  You have to give Hope your e-mail address because she does almost everything by e-mail newsletter, but she does have some great information on grants, markets, contests, and so on.

  • Poets and Writers - "The nation's largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers." They also offer a magazine, but have some useful tools on their website

  • Association of Writers & Writing Programs - Yeah, I'm a member but the reason I pay them my wife's hard-earned money is because they have one of the best, easiest to use databases for college teaching positions across the country.  They also have a great search engine for graduate writing programs, their own contest, conference, and so on and so forth, plus a great writing magazine.

  • Spacejock Software - What?!  Yeah, I can't remember how I found this, but it's been a marvelous source of free, useful software for me.  Everything was created by Simon Haynes, a novelist himself, and there's tools for readers, writers, stock-market enthusiasts, ham radio operators, and so forth.  I regularly use his Track-A-Minute software for keeping track of how much billable time I spend on freelance projects, and Sonar to keep track of my story submissions, earnings, queries, where it's been and how long it's been gone for.  He also has a marvelous novel-writing program which can save you thousands of dollars over comparable products.  Check it out.


Some electronic story-telling and literature:

  • We're Alive: A Story of Survival - a great podcast about a zombie outbreak that hearkens back to the old radio drama days.  You can catch up on all the episodes or subscribe to the podcast.  It's free, and a darn good story.

  • Project Gutenberg - Digital scans of old (even ancient) texts turned into various e-book formats

  • Classic American Literature - A good collection of classic American short stories and books.

  • Shakespeare - full text (with line numbers)


Simple yet addicting games I like to play when I'm procrastinating:

  • Words with Friends - If you share this addiction already with me then I don't need to say anymore.  If you are free of it, save yourself the trouble and don't click!

  • Free Rice - quiz yourself on various subjects and for every right answer, the United Nations World Food Program donates the rice you score to the less fortunate

  • Bejeweled

  • Everquest - Not simple, but definitely addicting.  It's the first MMORPG I played, and I still hold it fondly in my heart.  Free to download and play a couple basic races and classes.  If you've ever played it before and still remember your account info, you can log in and play your old toons for free.  :o)